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Chair of Electrical Energy Systems – Professor Dr. Michael Danzer

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Welcome to ec-idea!

ec-idea is a tool for ElectroChemical ImpeDancE Analysis of frequency-domain impedance data.

Its main features are:

  • Kramers-Kronigs validy test for the verification of the measured impedance. Bad signal-to-noise-ratio, electromagnetic coupling, non-linearity or time variance of the specimen can be revealed to improve test setup and measurement procedure.

  • EC-fit: The impedance spectrum can be fitted to an individual equivalent circuit to obtain characteristic parameters, e.g. capacities & resistances. A wide variety of elements including ZARC, CPE and Warburg are available.

  • Distribution of relaxation times (DRT) as a model-free characterization tool for the analysis of impedance data. The DRT can be calculated with a free choice of user-determined parameters to optimize the outcome and the meaningfulness of the distribution function. Inductive & diffusive branches which are not part of the DRT can be separated by the EC fit or via our novel, entirely model-free pre-processing routine.

ec-idea is based on MATLAB® Runtime (which is available for free during installation of ec-idea) and can also be used within an existing installation of MATLAB®  2017b or later.

We are currently working on the first release version of ec-idea and the license agreement for free, non-commercial use. You can already register following the link below to be informed as soon as we can provide ec-idea!


Publications on the subject

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  • Danzer, Michael A. (2019): Generalized Distribution of Relaxation Times Analysis for the Characterization of Impedance Spectra. In: Batteries 5 (3), S. 53. DOI: 10.3390/batteries5030053.

  • Hahn, Markus; Schindler, Stefan; Triebs, Lisa-Charlotte; Danzer, Michael A. (2019): Optimized Process Parameters for a Reproducible Distribution of Relaxation Times Analysis of Electrochemical Systems. In: Batteries 5 (2), S. 43. DOI: 10.3390/batteries5020043.

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