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Faculty of Engineering Science

Chair of Electrical Energy Systems – Professor Dr. Michael Danzer

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Article in a journal (peer-reviewed)

Rüther, Tom; Hileman, Wesley; Plett, Gregory L.; Trimboli, M. Scott; Danzer, Michael A.
Demystifying the Distribution of Relaxation Times : A Simulation-Based Investigation into ...
in Journal of the Electrochemical Society vol. 171 (2024) issue 6
doi:10.1149/1945-7111/ad4fe5 ...

Jahn, Leonard; Mößle, Patrick; Röder, Fridolin; Danzer, Michael A.
A physically motivated voltage hysteresis model for lithium-ion batteries using a probabil ...
in Communications Engineering vol. 3 (2024)
doi:10.1038/s44172-024-00221-4 ...

Plank, Christian; Rüther, Tom; Jahn, Leonard; Schamel, Maximilian; Schmidt, Jan Philipp; Ciucci, Francesco; Danzer, Michael A.
A review on the distribution of relaxation times analysis : A powerful tool for process id ...
in Journal of Power Sources vol. 594 (2024)
doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2023.233845 ...

Hansen, Sönke; Rüther, Tom; Mennenga, Mark; Helbig, Christoph; Ohnemüller, Gregor; Vysoudil, Filip; Wolf, Constantin; Rosemann, Bernd; Pavón, Sandra; Michaelis, Alexander; Vietor, Thomas; Döpper, Frank; Herrmann, Christoph; Danzer, Michael A.
A structured approach for the compliance analysis of battery systems with regard to the ne ...
in Resources, Conservation & Recycling vol. 209 (2024)
doi:10.1016/j.resconrec.2024.107752 ...

Conference item (peer-reviewed)

Sozak, Mutlucan; Hennerici, Lukas; Schamel, Maximilian; Linz, Mario; Knies, Sofie; Kita, Jaroslaw; Bianchini, Matteo; Danzer, Michael A.; Moos, Ralf
Room temperature fabrication of battery components via Powder Aerosol Deposition
16th International Battery Conference, Münster, Germany

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